We is a leader in the fragrance and flavor industry. We have provided a wide variety of food flavor additive to customers all over the world. Our primary products include milk flavor, vanilla flavor, fruit flavor, meat flavor, tea flavor, egg flavor, brown flavor (cocoa flavor, coffee flavor and chocolate flavor), nut flavor, grain flavor, and dry fruit flavor.
Food flavor additives are used to alter or enhance the flavor of natural food products, or to create a new, desired flavor in foods. Our food flavor additive, with intense and delicious taste, are able to add any desired flavor to a wide variety of food products, such as: milk products, ice cream, beverages, confections, baked foods, solid drinks, meat products, medicines, feed, etc.

    1. Compound Milk Flavor
    2. Compound Milk FlavorItem No.: CF-1
      Flavor Name: Oatmeal flavor
      Odor Description: Sweet and fresh milk aroma of 3-in-1 oatmeal, like malted milk odor
      Shape: Powdery...
    1. Vanilla Flavor
    2. Vanilla FlavorVanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids. It is grown globally, and the main producing area includes Mexico, Madagascar, Indonesia, Reunion and Polynesia.
      Vanilla is the second most expensive spice after saffron, due to the extensive labor required to grow the seed pods used in its manufacture...
    1. Berry Flavor
    2. Berry FlavorItem No.: FB-1
      Flavor Name: Ryman strawberry flavor
      Odor Description: Heavy green and sweet fresh strawberry aromas, with light herbal medicine odor
      Shape: Pasty...
    1. Meat Flavor
    2. Meat FlavorSimilar to other products, the popularity of the meat is largely attributed to the pleasant odor of meat.
      Meat is prepared in many ways, as steaks, in stews, fondue, or as dried meat, resulting in various attractive aromas, but the raw has no flavor.
      Limited by the meat processing technique or cost, the finished products always ...
    1. Tea Flavor
    2. Tea FlavorTea is one of the three most popular beverages in the world. Recently, tea candies and cakes have also become widespread around the globe. The major types of tea on the market are black tea, oolong tea, green tea and scented tea, all of which can be made from the same bushes, processed differently.
      As a prominent food favor supplier...
    1. Egg Flavor
    2. Egg FlavorEgg has become a daily diet for many people. It adds protein to one's diet, as well as various other nutrients.
      We are a food flavor additive supplier, manufactures a variety of egg flavors, such as sponge cake, cake, yolk and egg tart flavors...
    1. Brown Flavor
    2. Brown FlavorBrown flavor includes the flavor of coffee, cocoa, chocolate, whose color is brown.
      Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from coffee beans. Once ripe, coffee berries are picked, processed, and dried. The seeds are then roasted, undergoing several physical and chemical changes, with unique aromatic odor, mild bitter favor and proper sour taste...
    1. Nut Flavor
    2. Nut FlavorWe are a renowned food flavor additive manufacturer, delivers superior nut flavor for use in a variety of food products.
      Walnuts have a slightly bitter taste; peanuts, almonds and hazelnut all have their own peculiar flavors; marrons glaces give roasted, sweet and sticky aromas caused by maillard reaction...
    1. Grain Flavor
    2. Grain FlavorGrain generally includes rice, maize, sesame, bean, potato, taro, wheat, etc.
      The raw grain only has a faint odor. But after being cooked, baked, fried or grilled, it can give a stronger aroma.
      The processed food will vividly regain its natural aromatic flavor ...